Anthony DeSimone

    Anthony DeSimone is one of our Certified Personal Trainers at Jada Blitz. He has been part of the Jada Team since 2022 and found his passion in bodybuilding and helping people achieve their fitness goals. Anthony is on prep for his first bodybuilding competition. He has been working out for five years and strictly dieting for three.

    Before joining the Jada Blitz team, Anthony was a student at Niagara County Community College and he graduated with his Associates in Fitness/Heath. Anthony also played competitive hockey for over fifteen years. During those years training with his own team trainer, he realized his goal and aspiration to become a bodybuilder and personal trainer.

    Anthony enjoys the challenges that each individual client brings to the table. He enjoys pushing each client to their fullest and watching their excitement as they beat another personal record! Anthony will also text his clients after their sessions to follow up and is told how sore they are, in a good way, and how much they felt they got out of their session.

    Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

    Anthony attended Niagara County Community College and graduated with a Health Studies, AS degree. He is also National Council on Strength & Fitness (NCSF) certified.