Alexis Grebenok

    Lexie is a Registered Yoga Teacher and before coming to Jada Blitz, she worked at the YMCA for five years where she taught power yoga and Fitness in the Parks outdoor yoga. She has also done personal yoga sessions, youth sports yoga, small group lessons, and workshops and events throughout Buffalo.

    Lexie love teaching and practicing yoga for many reasons. Above all, she appreciates the ability to connect with others. Hearing how yoga has helped someone regain mobility after an injury, feel more confident in themselves, or how it has impacted their life off their mat has reaffirmed her belief that yoga does not begin or end on the mat. Yoga is not about what your pose looks like or if you can touch your toes. Rather, Lexie believes that yoga is about how you breathe through tough or uncertain times in life, create space for joy and happiness, be present in the here and now, and continue to learn and grow with those around you.

    Lexie has her masters in Data Analytics and when she’s not teaching yoga, she manages a team focused on the financial data remediation at a global firm.