MyWellness App

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Jada Blitz Fitness utilizes the MyWellness Workout App to help you easily sign up for classes and track your progress. Download the app today to reserve your spot for your favorite classes!

About the MyWellness Workout App

The MyWellness app by Technogym helps you to get the most out of of Jada Blitz Fitness!

In the Facility: Discover all the services that our club provides and choose what interests you most.

My Movement: Here you can find: your program, the classes you’ve booked, the challenges you’ve joined and all the other activities you’ve chosen to do at Jada Blitz.

Results: Check your progresses, collect MOVEs and get track your activity level.

Use the myWellness app to connect with Technogym equipment by Bluetooth or QR Code. The equipment will automatically set up with your program and your results will be automatically tracked on your myWellness account.

Log MOVEs manually or sync with other apps such as Apple Health, Fitbit, Garmin, MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal, Polar, RunKeeper, Strava, Swimtag and Withings.

Why Use the MyWellness App?

Jada Blitz Content at a Glance: Discover all the programs, classes and challenges that Jada Blitz provides.

Hands on Virtual Coach that guides you in the workout: Easily choose the workout you want to do and let the app guide you through the workout. The MyWellness app automatically moves to next exercise and gives you the possibility schedule your next workout.

Customized Programs: Get your personalized and complete training program! The app contains including cardio, functional or strength exercises, group classes and more. Access to all the exercise instructions and tutorial videos, keep track of your results automatically by logging into Mywellness and connect Technogym equipment.

Superior Class Experience: Use the Mywellness app to easily find the classes of your interest and book a space. You will receive smart reminders to help you not to forget your reservation. The day of the class use Mywellness app to login on Technogym Group Cycle Connect equipment and enjoy a unique experience with your trainer and other users. Check your class results immediately on Mywellness app and book your next class to secure a place.

Body Measurements: keep track of your measurements (weight, body fat, etc..) and check your progresses over time.

Download the MyWellness App