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During the course of my career as a fitness and nutrition professional, I have learned that movement is not solely defined by cranking a sweat or lifting weights. Movement embodies physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. It’s about what makes us feel good, what alleviates negative feelings, and most importantly what works best for us.

As we get through another week of the CV-19 “lockdown”, reality for many of us is settling in. With no access to gyms or exercise equipment, there seems to be a widespread sense of anxiety that our new house-bound lifestyles are going to cripple any sense of health we had. Short and long-term goals are fading into the background of the pandemic. It is now more than ever that we should be focusing on how we can change the dynamics of our relationship with movement. 

With a little creativity, we can easily find a new routine and a sense of balance between isolation and overall wellness. Here are my favorite ways to incorporate movement with or without equipment or ample space! 


Turn up the noise, get the music going, and let the feel-good emotions flow! Research studies through the University of Missouri published in The Journal of Psychology found that upbeat music can have a significant and positive effect on wellbeing. In addition, a review of nearly two dozen studies by Brandt and Dileo involving close to 1,500 people found music lowered blood pressure, heart rate and anxiety in coronary heart disease patients. And you know what goes great with music? Dancing. It is estimated that just thirty minutes of dancing can burn anywhere between 200 to 400 calories. Lets boogie! 


For many Americans and their families, income has dramatically changed as a result of CV-19. With no known timeline of how long we could be off of work, the option to invest in exercise equipment is probably financially impractical. The good news is that some businesses are offering lease options with flexible payments and duration terms. With a variety of equipment choices, you can decide what suits your space and goals appropriately, as well as your budget! 


If you want to get into more structured activity start by identifying what style of movement or exercise you want to focus on. With websites like Amazon finding pre-recorded DVDs and programs to order takes a few simple clicks, or if you want something accessible right away you can try searching Google for the highest-rated phone apps and YouTube videos. 


Is cleaning your house exercise? Absolutely. While you may not be jumping around, running, or lifting dumbbells, cleaning involves movement and movement burns more energy than being sedentary! Get started by creating a list of cleaning tasks and assign a few to complete each day of the week. Dedicate at least 30-60 consecutive minutes to cleaning. This simple to-do will keep your house sparkling while you total up 3.5-7 hours of light to moderate-intensity exercise for the week.


Live streams are the perfect way to get motivated, stay involved, and start moving! Live streaming is exactly that – – – a live workout with an instructor leading you through the entire duration of the stream. Committing to a live stream will keep you accountable and on a schedule. It will provide real-time community connection and give you a much-needed distraction from the social isolation.

Remember, our bodies are built to move. During such an uncertain time, incorporating more movement will help us find a greater sense of health and happiness. So whatever it is that makes you move, go do it! 

Did you know that Jada Blitz Fitness is currently offering equipment rentals? Have you logged in to one of our live stream classes via Facebook? Contact our Management Team by clicking here for more information or to inquire.

Together we will get through this, as a community and a family.


Aubree “Aubs” Shofner
Fitness & Nutrition Professional

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