Pinnacle 45 will get you looking and feeling your best!

When you get to the highest point you think you can reach, you need to keep pushing beyond it onto the next. Pinnacle 45 is a workout based on a mental goal that should always be chasing. Each week, we will focus on specific strength moves, like deadlifts, squats, and bench presses to create power and strength safely and effectively. Afterwards, you will test your limits with body weight moves, cardio, and conditioning related to development of the strength move for that day. Reach your goals and accomplish exactly what you set out to do. Reach the top!

What is Pinnacle 45?

No matter what level of fitness, from beginner to advanced, our certified personal training instructor will lead you through a variety of exercises to target each of the muscle groups, from triceps, to quads, and abdominals.

The format of the class is designed to make sure enough time is spent on each portion of the body, lower, upper, and abdominals, so that you are sure to get a well-balanced total body routine targeting all areas

Pinnacle 45 Benefits

  • Learn how to safely and effectively perform the bench press, deadlift, military press, and squat
  • Engage in a fun atmosphere in a fast-paced, effective class designed to increase your one rep maximum of the exercises listed above
  • Improve overall stamina and endurance with strength training moves and cardio segments incorporated into the class

After over eight years experience with personal training, there is never a day that I do not love what I do. It is amazing to watch people change their lives by incorporating fitness. To see smiling faces and an attitude of self-confidence is what drives me to continue teaching classes. We sweat, laugh, and love one another! -Stephanie Latawiec

Stephanie Latawiec | | (716) 568-9057

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