Booty Burn will get you looking and feeling your best!

This thirty minute class is a great way to incorporate a variety of glute-building exercises to get the booty of your dreams!  You’ll squat and lunge through thirty minutes of this class, focused solely on your lower body!

What is Booty Burn?

No matter what level of fitness, from beginner to advanced, our certified personal training instructor will lead you through a variety of exercises to get your heart rate up safely and strengthen your legs and glutes with a variety exercises.

The format of this class is designed to use numerous stations of exercises with resistance bands.

Booty Burn Benefits

  • Learn how to safely and effectively perform exercises using a variety of equipment to target your lower body.
  • Engage in a fun atmosphere in a fast-paced, effective class designed to target only the lower body!
  • Need to incorporate a leg day into your routine? We have you covered!

It’s a fun & rewarding job watching everones booties grow! I love getting texts when people can’t walk the next day. It’s the best! -Tiffany

Tiffany McMullen | | (716) 568-9057

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