Blitz Abs will get you looking and feeling your best!

This 30 minute abs class is available to anyone with a basic gym membership or with our upgraded class membership package. This class utilizes a variety of core exercises to specifically target your core musculature and get that six pack you have been looking for!

What is Blitz Abs?

Each level of fitness can be challenged with this fun class, as one of our head trainers takes you through a variety of core strengthening exercises to target your upper abs, lower abs, and obliques.

Blitz Abs Benefits

  • Develop core strength and conditioning while a certified personal trainer makes sure that you are executing exercises safely and effectively.
  • This class is a sure way to enhance and strengthen your core as well as overall athletic stability

Ab class with me brings a 30 minute blast of your abs!  You’ll meet some great new people and learn a ton of new core exercises! -Adam Gutierrez

Adam Gutierrez | | (716) 864-7133

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